In The Conservatory


“In the Conservatory” (2010)


TRT: 00:05:00


Synopsis: On a gray winter day in Seattle, the Volunteer Park Conservatory offers a trip to a different climate: lush, wildly colorful, strange, and beautiful. “In the Conservatory” experimentally captures the essence of the place, through the use of direct animation, ambient sound, and music. Plants from the conservatory’s winter collection were gleaned and pasted onto clear, 16mm film leader, then re-photographed on an optical printer while they were still fresh. The resulting chance animation adds a layer of surprise. The film features euphorbia splendens (“crown of thorns”), variegated ivy, zygocactus (“Christmas cactus”), coleus, clerodendrum (“glory bower”), orchid, euphorbia fulgens, adiantum raddianum (“maidenhair fern”), and acalypha wilkesiana (“copper leaf”).


Screenings: Crossroads Festival, San Francisco; Hirshon Film Festival, New York City: Robert M. Youngson Award for Innovative Filmmaking.

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